Pedaling for Peace

On April 15, 2012 I started riding my bicycle cross-country from Jacksonville, Florida in voluntary support of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF) and the work of author and Peace Leadership Director for the NAPF, Paul K. Chappell. By July 4th, I had covered over 1300 miles to just west of Luling, Texas where a major mechanical failure brought this first stage of my cross-country journey to an end. After storing my bicycle and trailer with my aunt and uncle in Weatherford, Texas, I flew from Dallas to Santa Barbara, California to attend the NAPF First Annual Peace Leadership Summer Workshop. I then lived and worked in Santa Barbara for several more months before I returned to Jacksonville and sold off the rest of my possessions that I could to help fund a continuation of my journey. Starting June 8, 2013 and ending August 9, 2013, I rode from Weatherford, through 400 miles of the central Texas hill country, including Austin, Texas, back to Luling. It was at this point that a friend of mine invited me to work for a brief period in Pennsylvania before flying me back to Santa Barbara where I continued volunteering for the NAPF as well as for the Santa Barbara Bike Coalition. As of August 9th, 2014 I began"Stage III" of my cross-country adventure, this time heading south from Santa Barbara to San Diego and then east to El Paso, TX. It was there that illness, winter weather, and diminishing resources brought that leg of my journey to an end. After staying with another friend in Columbus, GA for several months, I moved "back home" to Kentucky to stay with my dad for a while and build a better "resource base" for future endeavors including review and further tracking and primitive survival skills training at Tom Brown, Jr's Tracker School , and a possible longer tour of the east coast, northern tier, and north west coast back down to Santa Barbara, CA.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Aaargh! Blog Platform - Photos - Google+

For the record: I am not a "wiz" at all of this computer stuff. I was programming "FORTRAN" in high school if that tells you anything!

So, I do not know "HTML" except for what I have learned accidentally here on this blog site. I'm starting to learn merely by looking more closely at what comes up automatically.

However, recently, I noticed that I had photos from this blog posting automatically to my "Google+/Picasa" account. In an attempt to re-organize that page and delete duplicate photos, I inadvertently deleted photos from these blogs. Now, I'm having to do some kind of round-about stuff to re-locate them and re-place them.

It is all Very Frustrating!

However, I am going to persevere, and as lame as I may be about all of this computer stuff, I know more now than I did when I started blogging here over two years ago. And I feel it is so important to be utilizing the tools that are available to us these days, especially for such an important purpose; i.e. to bring more attention to the cause of ridding the world of nuclear weapons and moving towards the realistic and long-term goal of World Peace.

I guess what I want to emphasize here for my readers is that - I am Really Not That Good with all of this stuff. None of it has come easily to me. I do not feel that I have any advantages over anyone else in this area. I am just absolutely determined to accomplish my goals and if I have to slog through, slowly, even painfully, one step at a time (and in this case, even having to back-track sometimes), then I am willing to do that. Period. I am not going to give up.

So if there is something that You Really Believe In, then do not let any doubts about your abilities get in the way. I think anyone with enough Willingness to "go the extra mile" will not let anything stop them. There may be some stumbling blocks and some slow-downs, and even some back-tracks, but the key is to Keep On Keepin' On!

And that is what I am still determined to do.

In the mean time, if you see any of my blog posts with weird grey circles with minus signs in the middle of them where a picture should be, that just means I haven't gotten around to fixing them yet!


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  1. oh my goodness! I just noticed the same gray circle and minus sign on my blog...then googled it and found your post...I definitely went through and deleted a bunch of pics from my google plus account :)
    Thankful to know you had the same problem!